Company Asset / ID Numbers

img_3953In this day and age, mine and construction site require all vehicles to have an identification number that is clearly visible. Some sites insist that the vehicle ID sticker is also reflective.

These fleet numbers can even assist your business in managing a vehicle for maintenance requirements or identifying a vehicle reported as stolen or engaging in unsafe practices.

Generally, the lettering needs to be 150mm high and may be on a reflective or non-reflective backing. Other sites also require the vehicle to have reflective striping along the sides and rear of the vehicle. Generally these are White or Fluorescent.

When selecting an ID sticker, you need to consider the following:
Reflective Class.
Class 2. Almost any colour.
Class 1. White, Orange Or Fluro Yellow / green.
Aluminium for ute and truck bodies.
Reflective Striping.
Class 1 or reflective.
Height. 50mm, 75mm, 85mm or 100 mm.